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High Federalists (2)

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25. High Federalists (1795): Upon John Adams’ election to presidency and Hamilton’s subsequent resignation from the Treasury, the Federalist party split into two sections: the supporters of John Adams and the supporters of Alexander Hamilton (High Federalists). The High Federalists were fervent supporters of Alexander Hamilton’s policies, sharing practically all of the same beliefs as the Federalist party in general: the desire for a national bank, the desire for a strong central government, and the use of the elastic clause. The distinguishing desire of the High Federalists, however, was their desire to go to war with the French. When John Adams refused to go to war, High Federalists scorned and accused him of obstructing the United States’ preparation for war, afterwards officially splitting from the Federalist party. This split, however, injured the Federalists; after losing the election of 1800 to Thomas Jefferson, the Federalist party gradually declined, eventually disappearing during Andrew Jackson’s presidency. Had the High Federalists not split from the Federalist party, John Adams may have won the election of 1800 and the Federalist party may have thrived for decades to come. Camilo R.





Picture of Alexander Hamilton, leader of the High Federalists.



For more information about the High Federalist's actions during John Adams' presidency, click here:



For more information about the Federalist party's beginning, the Federalist party's end, and the policies it supported, click the following link from ABC-CLIO American History: http://americanhistory.abc-clio.com/Search/Display/253458?terms=High+Federalists


For more information about the lack of unity within the Federalist Party and John Adams' effect on the Federalist Party, click the following link form ABC-CLIO American Government: http://americangovernment.abc-clio.com/Search/Display/1188394?terms=High%20Federalists&webSiteCode=SLN_AMGOV&returnToPage=%2fSearch%2fDisplay%2f1188394%3fterms%3dHigh+Federalists&token=9D38B3BBF257FFFE2465BDB6C42786CB&casError=False


All information regarding this term was collected from the above links and The American Pageant Twelfth Edition by David Kennedy, Lizabeth Cohen, and Thomas Bailey.  



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